Procurement Planning and Contract Specifications

Acquisition and Procurement Planning Checklist

  • Needs assessment
    • Identify and consider demand reduction opportunities
    • Identify and consider possibilities of sharing
  • Information gathering/market survey of verified technologies
    • EPA verified technologies
    • CARB verified technologies
    • VERTTM technologies
  • Outreach to requisitioning agency
  • Evaluation Criteria Considerations
    • Consider the ability and willingness of vendors to go beyond what is statutorily required and how this can be rewarded, e.g.,
      • Use of alternative fuels
      • Use of emerging technologies that reduce emissions
    • Solicit vendors to suggest ways to continually reduce emissions and reward those who do
  • Contractual Requirements – Specific clauses
    • What’s statutorily required (locally), e.g.
      • Retrofits
      • Use of ULSD
    • Include requirements for idling reduction practices
    • Include requirements for reporting post award
    • Include penalties for failure to comply
    • Include incentives to outperform targets for emissions and fuel
  • Post award follow up
    • Obtain report of equipment used on project and emission reduction and other practices implemented
    • Oversight to ensure vendor compliance with cleaner diesel clauses


Contract Specifications:

Diesel Emission Reduction Requirements 

The following organizations have developed contract language pertaining to diesel emission reductions. Further details are available at this spreadsheet and includes the following:

Guidance Language, Contract Language, Ordinance/Regulation Language

  1. Diesel Emission Control Technology
  2. Idling Requirements
  3. Exemptions
  4. Penalties for Non-Compliance
  5. Reporting
  6. Costs of Retrofits
  7. Mitigation Plans to Address Sensitive Population
  8. Other Requirements
  9. For More Information