Annual Webinar Series

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Past 2015-16 Webinars:
Topic Date Speakers Files
Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Professional Services Dec 20th, 2016

Shannon Davis- EPA R9

Karen Cook- Alameda Co

Sarah Church- Alameda Co

Stacey Foreman- City of Portland

Shawn Postera- Multonmah Co

Jill Punches- Multonmah Co

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Food

Nov 30th, 


Shannon Davis- EPA R9

Ashley Zanolli- Oregon DEQ

Leslie Kochan- Oregon DEQ

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Asphalt & Concrete June 7th, 2016

Shannon Davis- EPA R9

​Wes Sullens - StopWaste

Jenifer Willer - City of Eugene

Jordan Palmeri - Oregon DEQ

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Fuel & ICT May 17th, 2016

Shannon Davis- EPA R9

Karen Hamilton- King County

John Katz- EPA R9

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Introduction  May 3rd, 2016

Shannon Davis- EPA (Region 9)

Aaron Toneys- Good Company 

Karen Cook- Alameda County

The Role of Cities in Sustainable Consumption: Making the Case for Local Action 

October 20, 2015

Babe O'Sullivan, City of Eugene

Vanessa Timmer, One Earth

Cara Pike, Social Capital Strategies

From Managing Waste to Managing Materials: Implementing Oregon's 2050 Vision

September 15, 2015

David Allaway, Oregon DEQ

Abby Boudouris, Oregon DEQ