Diesel Fuel Purchasing Resources

Government agencies can advance important public health goals by capitalizing on their participation with private contractors through clean diesel equipment and vehicle contract specifications. Contract specifications can make clean diesel an everyday part of your upcoming public works projects, and even deliveries of goods directly to your agency. Clean diesel construction specifications should be a meaningful element of a comprehensive program

There is much to learn from the many organizations that have required diesel emission control technology and anti-idling in their construction contract specifications.

Important elements to consider when adopting clean diesel construction specifications are to:
  •  Communicate and educate your contractors early on and throughout the  project
  •  Develop clear contract specifications
  •  Establish viable inspection and reporting provisions to ensure accountability

Best Practices for Clean Diesel Construction - Successful Implementation of Equipment Specifications to Minimize Diesel Pollution

This outlines elements of success including writing clear specification, ensuring organizational support and planning for success. Roles and responsibilities of key personnel are also laid out clearly and supported by checklists. 

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