Strategy #7: Other Strategies

Other Strategies

There are many other strategies that can help reduce GHG emissions from food service. Examples include serving more seasonal food and serving more “robust” produce like root vegetables.[1]

On college campuses as well as at government facilities, awareness campaigns can be important components of food waste reduction efforts. Speaking on efforts by New York State’s Paul Smith’s College to achieve carbon neutrality, Soledex spokespeople stated, “…campus dining has become a center for promoting the culture change that is driving their success.” Campus dining halls can create a space for learning about sustainability as well as practicing it on many levels – energy efficiency, student awareness, food waste reduction, campus food production, food recovery, and food discards composting.

See below for case studies related to this strategy:


[1] Where are the best opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the food system (including the food chain)? Tara Garnett, Food Climate Research Network