2015-16 Annual Forum Webinar Series

The West Coast Climate Forum hosts an annual webinar series featuring speakers who are experts in the field of climate change, sustainable materials management, life cycle analysis, sustainable consumption and production, and other relevant areas. Our webinar series is intended to get participants thinking and talking about new strategies for achieving our environmental goals.

Webinars from the 2015-2016 Series:

Topic Date Speakers Files
Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Professional Services Dec 20th, 2016

Shannon Davis- EPA Region 9

Karen Cook- Alameda Co

Sarah Church- Alameda Co

Stacey Foreman- City of Portland

Shawn Postera- Multnomah Co

Jill Punches- Multnomah Co

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Food

Nov 30th, 2016

Shannon Davis- EPA Region 9

Ashley Zanolli- Oregon DEQ

Leslie Kochan- Oregon DEQ

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Asphalt & Concrete June 7th, 2016

Shannon Davis- EPA Region 9

​Wes Sullens - StopWaste

Jenifer Willer - City of Eugene

Jordan Palmeri - Oregon DEQ

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Fuel & ICT May 17th, 2016

Shannon Davis - EPA Region 9

Karen Hamilton - King County

John Katz - EPA R9

Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit: Introduction  May 3rd, 2016

Shannon Davis- EPA Region 9

Aaron Toneys- Good Company 

Karen Cook- Alameda County

The Role of Cities in Sustainable Consumption: Making the Case for Local Action 

October 20, 2015

Babe O'Sullivan, City of Eugene

Vanessa Timmer, One Earth

Cara Pike, Social Capital Strategies

From Managing Waste to Managing Materials: Implementing Oregon's 2050 Vision

September 15, 2015

David Allaway, Oregon DEQ

Abby Boudouris, Oregon DEQ