San Diego, California

Jurisdiction: San Diego, California
Responsible Party: City of San Diego, California
Plan Year: 2014


San Diego’s 2004 Climate Action Plan was focused on measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from city operations in the areas of power, transportation, and waste. The 2014 draft CAP seeks to expand the plan’s focus beyond city operations to include strategies for the community to reduce GHG emissions, as well. The city’s new CAP includes climate mitigation projects, as well as climate adaptation strategies and information on social equity issues surrounding climate change impacts.

The draft plan has five overarching strategies, including:

  1. Energy & Water Efficient Buildings
  2. Clean & Renewable Energy
  3. Biking, Walking & Transit
  4. Zero Waste
  5. Climate Resiliency

Materials Management Goals:

  • Divert 75% of solid waste by 2020 and 90% by 2035
  • Zero Waste disposal by 2040


  • Require construction, building and remodeling projects to recycle 75% of construction and demolition waste
  • Develop a Resource Recovery Center for maximizing waste diversion
  • Adopt a Plastic Bag Ban Reduction Ordinance
  • Convert curbside recycling and greenery collection to a weekly basis
  • Expand greenery collection program to include kitchen scraps

Progress Report:

None reported at this time.

Next Steps:

At the time of this writing, San Diego was in the process of approving and adopting the 2014 CAP, and then it will begin implementing the plan.