Governments at all levels spend more than $1.3 Trillion annually on goods and services. Research shows that those purchases – the supply chain - account for 35-55% of the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with government operations.



The Toolkit is geared to environmental and purchasing leaders at all levels of government who are looking to reduce their organization’s carbon footprint. It was developed by members of the West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum, a group of sustainability and environmental experts from all levels of government.


How the Toolkit was developed

The CFPT was developed as a collaborative effort of many of the members and supporters of the West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum. Each module of the Toolkit was researched and written by a cross-agency team, and reviewed by experts both with and outside the Forum.

This Toolkit is a living document, and the Forum welcomes any additions, corrections, or suggestions. Go to Contact Us to submit feedback on the Toolkit.