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2018-2019 Annual Forum Webinar Series

Webinar topics for this series included consumption based emission inventories, product attributes and environmental benefits, review of sustainability frameworks, and preventing food waste.

2017-2018 Annual Forum Webinar Series

The Forum hosts an annual webinar series featuring speakers who are experts in the field of climate change, sustainable materials management, life cycle analysis, sustainable consumption and production, and other relevant areas. Our webinar series is intended to get participants thinking and talking about new strategies for achieving our environmental goals.

2015-2016 Annual Forum Webinar Series

Webinar topics for this series include the sustainable consumption and the Forum's Climate Friendly Purchasing toolkit. The CFPT webinars include in-depth information on the following of the toolkit's modules: fuel, information and communication technology, asphalt & concrete, food, and professional services.

2014-2015 Annual Forum Webinar Series

Webinar topics for this series included linking climate and materials, the reduction of GHG emissions through materials management, sustainable consumption, Food: Too Good to Waste, and Community-Based Social Marketing as applied to food waste prevention.  

Materials Management through Sustainable Consumption Series (2012-2013)

This webinar series is designed to provide examples of communities around the U.S. and internationally that are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by creating more sustainable patterns of consumption. The series focuses on helping regulators and environmental management experts share information about existing research, programs, and practices, as well as perspectives from citizens and businesses.

Consumption and Environment Series (2011-2012)

This webinar series provides information and resources to increase understanding of the issues associated with sustainable consumption and to support those who want to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and create more sustainable patterns of consumption in their communities. These webinars focus on helping regulators and environmental management experts gain better understanding of individuals' and organizations' consumption patterns and motivations.

Other Past Webinars (2008 - 2013)

Past webinars, such as “Life Cycle Assessment-based Product Claims,” “Connecting Materials & Discards Management with Climate,” and “Accounting Systems, Modeling, and Economic Incentives.”