Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit

Harnessing the power of public purchasing to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions 


The Climate Friendly Purchasing Toolkit provides clear guidance, tested strategies, and critical resources for governments at all levels to reduce the GHG emissions through their supply chain.


Getting Started


An organization's purchasing can account for 35-55% of its total GHG emissions!


Use this toolkit to lower the greenhouse gas emissions from the purchases of your public institution. The toolkit was developed to help government target their efforts on the most significant GHG emissions in their institution's supply chain, or the production of goods and services.You can learn from the efforts of other organizations to help identify high-leverage categories, or you can conduct your own survey. This toolkit also provides guidance on specific purchasing strategies on how to reduce an organization's carbon footprint.

Targeting Tools

To help government target their efforts on the most significant GHG emissions in the supply chain.

How to complete a supply chain GHG inventory

This detailed primer shows how to combine purchasing data and available LCA tools to get a complete picture of the GHG emissions in your organization’s specific supply chain.


Trends Analysis

Instructions are provided on how to use the data from trends analysis to target GHG reductions. It is a compilation of more than 40 supply chain GHG inventories, sortable by organization type, size, and total supply chain budget.

Sector-specific strategies

Each module includes background on how the sector contributes to GHG emissions, and guidance on specific purchasing strategies to reduce GHG emissions.




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