Annual Meeting

“Actions to Take and Tools to Use”

West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum
January 2014 Annual Meeting

We were please to have a gathering of local, state or federal government, and academia, for a successful annual meeting. Below is the meeting agenda and presentations. Please check back regularly for Themes, call for volunteers, and the Strategic Plan.

Title Speakers Presentation
Opening Session
Opening Remarks
Introduction to the Forum
  • Dennis McLerran, Regional Administrator, EPA Region 10
  • Tom Huetteman, EPA Region 9
  • Shannon Davis, EPA Region 9
  • Ashley Zanolli, EPA Region 10
Keynote: The Forum at Five Years – Advancements in Sustainable Materials Management David Allaway, Oregon DEQ Presentations Slides (Ppt 1) (PDF)
The Economic and Environmental Benefits of the Reuse Industry:
A Minnesota and Washington State Case Study
  • Madalyn Cioci, MN Pollution Control Agency
  • Teague Powell, WA Ecology
Presentations Slides (Ppt 2) (PDF)

Presentations Slides (Ppt 3) (PDF)

How Businesses have Successfully Switched to Reuse Transport Packaging Justin Lehrer, Alameda County Stop Waste Presentations Slides (Ppt 4) (PDF)
Packaging Reuse Video
Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy Panel
Research Findings: Collaborative Consumption in the Sharing Economy
See Foundational Paper—
Changing Consumer Behavior (PDF)
Babe O’Sullivan, City of Eugene Presentations Slides (Ppt 5) (PDF)
What Does it Mean to Share?
Understanding the Sharing Economy (PDF)
Leslie Ng, City of Vancouver, BC Presentations Slides (Ppt 6) (PDF)
A Sharing Economy Policy Primer for Urban Leaders
Policies for Shareable Cities
Yassi Eskandari-Qajar, Sustainable Economies Law Center Presentations Slides (Ppt 7) (PDF)